Mallorca, 07.-13. November 2021

Yoga Retreat - Discovering right direction and purpose in life

“’Seeking and attaining the true knowledge is the prime aim of all Yoga teachings’’

Yoga was developed to best support people and to help them live their lives. The real goal of recognizing the purpose of human existence and developing accordingly is the key teaching of yogic practices. Creating the right conditions in ourselves and in our environment to experience our true self is the primary focus in yoga practices.


The focus of this yoga retreat is to create a basis for discovering the right direction and meaning in our lives. This is done through Yoga asanas, meditations, breathing exercises, mantras and Yoga Nidra.

Of all yogic practices, Yoga Nidra is the strongest form to train the mind and bring it into a relaxed and peaceful orientation. The consciousness takes different forms when sleeping, dreaming and waking up. In Patanjali's Raja Yoga we call these forms patterns of consciousness. Sleep is one type of awareness, memory is another. Similarly, Yoga Nidra is a very important form of awareness to experience the dimension of our universal consciousness.

Therefore Yoga Nidra will be an important part of this retreat.

We invite you to learn how to incorporate Yoga and Ayurvedic diet into your daily life.


Dorelal Singh Thakur and Stefanie Thunecke