Fullness in Stillness - Yoga Retreat

Yoga means to become one with our innermost essence and, in this way, find equilibrium and peace

within ourselves. It means walking the transformative path to a healthy and fulfilled life.

Every step on the Yogic path helps us to reach this unity. The primary aim of practicing Yoga is to create the right conditions around and within us so that we may experience our true nature.


This retreat will offer you a variety of Yoga practices:

Meditations, singing Mantras, Pranayama, Asanas, Yoga Nidra as well as a unique, healthy and delicious

vegetarian-ayurvedic nutrition. All meals will be eaten in silence so that we can fully experience the food offered

to us with all our senses. We would like to ask the participants of this retreat to avoid consumption of alcohol

in order to support the cleansing process.


This retreat is open to everyone – prior knowledge of Yoga is not necessary.

Dorelal Singh Thakur and Stefanie Thunecke