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Yoga Retreat near Ganges 23. to 30. October 2023

Connect with yourself


Yoga means connecting to our innermost state of peace and balance. It is the path of transformation

to a healthy and fulfilled life, leading to unity and stillness.

This yoga retreat takes place in North India, near Rishikesh, the cradle of yoga. We spend a week in Anand Lok,

a place whose energy and natural beauty can be healing for everyone who settles there.

Our retreat creates space for the opportunity to gain inner peace, to draw new strength and to experience

a deeper understanding of yourself. This is done via practicing yoga asana,
pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra, chanting mantras and talking about yoga philosophy.


During the retreat we will eat the finely tuned vegetarian diet in silence in order to
consciously assimilate it. It will be part of the retreat to practice mauna (silence).

The aim of Mauna is to bring the thought waves to rest.

Both beginners and advanced practitioners can participate.



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