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"The crown of your head reaches the sky -
all of you should give it a try"


This verse was created as part of our yoga retreat with Stefanie in Mallorca at the beginning of January '24.

After the overwhelming trip to India in autumn 2023, we
traveled with Yoga Comparto for the second time.

Trips No. 3 and No. 4 have now already been booked.

That speaks for itself!

The intensive yoga practice - carefully and precisely guided by Stefanie - was embedded in an allround care with a delicious Ayurvedic-vegetarian diet. Every meal
was prepared by Stefanie with love and compassion.

The food is always served with love, and we shared the meals with joy - celebrating it three times a day! on top of it
the pampering ambience: a luxurious villa with a spacious garden and a wide view till the sea!

Feeling the muscle strength, experiencing how our nervous system calms down and the mind becomes free, practicing and laughing together was something that was great during the retreats. And is continued through the ongoing participation in online yoga classes!

With all the experienced highlights, this one should also be mentioned: we found new friends in the travel group.
Coincidence? No, heartfelt magic! THANK YOU for everything


- Monika und Christine

I have been practicing yoga with Stefanie and Dorelal for almost two years. Emerging as a creative idea from the lockdown, they have developed online courses that, despite all the restrictions, enable the most important journey of our lives - the journey to ourselves.

The philosophy of Yoga Comparto opened up a deeper understanding of yoga for me. By regularly practicing and directing my breath, I am now better able to let go of tension, calm my thoughts and come to stillness.

Their warmth and humor make it easy to let them guide you on this journey. A special time are the "retreats" or the "Feel Good Week" to immerse yourself, slow down and enjoy. In wonderful nature and surroundings, Stefanie conjures up great dishes and whole menus that correspond to Ayurvedic principles. They "nourish" in the truest sense of the word and at the same time pamper the palate.

- Katrin Lindermann

Katrin L.
Anna Rischke

Since April 2020 I have been booking everything Stefanie and Dorelal offer. I am a yogateacher myself and have

already seen a lot. It is very special to learn about the yogic

traditiondirectly from the source, to experience it

and to go deeper. In addition to the asana practice,

there is a focus on pranayama and also mantras, yantras,

yoga nidra and yoga philosophy are taught here.

Stefanie's culinary art, which can be experienced on the

retreats deserves special emphasis. A real highlight!

You find yourself in a situation where you don't know

whether you want to eat or just look at the dishes.

I can only recommend EVERYTHING

from the bottom of my heart!


A wonderfully calm yoga!

Challenging and giving space at the same time you

have led me inwards again and again in the last two years,

calming and awakening, deepening and cheerful, going to

the heart, refreshing the mind and then it is also good for

the body!  All of this is an important basis to balance myself in such times and to come to peace!

Many thanks to Stefanie and Dorelal,

With all due respect


Bettina Eyermann

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Yoga Comparto

Retreats. Stefanie and Angelika welcome the participants

with open arms. You can feel the loving preparation

for the retreat time in many places. The careful

interaction with one another during this time is also

something very special.  If you don't dare to cook

from Stefanie's cookbook yourself, you can approach all

these flavours during a retreat and simply enjoy them.


Catherine Caridia

After going through stressful years, I decided that my life needed

a break, a reset. As fate had it, I came across the Yoga Comparto.
The retreat was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time. During this week of tranquil harmony, set in an amazing environment, I experienced a deep-seated sense of bliss and calm. It was a safe 'home' with likeminded people that allowed you to forget the trials and tribulations of everyday life.
The organizers of this retreat, Stefanie and Angelika created an atmosphere that made everybody feel welcomed, cared for and supported at all times!! The yoga sessions catered for every level of experience and the food was a colorful explosion of divine flavors. A perfectly composed cookbook rounded off the experience to take some of the healthy and tasty food home.
In short: I would recommend the yoga, the organizers, the food, the mediation and the entire retreat to anybody that asked; the reset button was a total success!!


My yoga path began 2 years ago with a retreat at Mallorca.

I was very attracted to this offer at the time, and the attraction

still exists, so that I have been practicing yoga regularly online and at home since then. What is special for me is that

I have been able to maintain this regularity since then, and the online yoga classes have helped me a lot.

The variety of Yoga at Yoga Comparto appeals to me

very much: asanas, yoga nidra, mantra chanting, meditation

and philosophy. To experience all of this in the beautiful

houses and gardens on Mallorca and on Rügen is of course

particularly nice, also because we are spoiled with extremely

delicious Ayurvedic food there.

The groups are always composed differently, old and young participants, women and men, "newbies" and "old hands", a good atmosphere, I've always felt very comfortable.



The yoga retreats with Yoga Comparto were just wonderful for me. They are designed holistically and so the effect is

regenerative, energising and pleasantly cleansing for body

and soul at the same time.  The mixture of exercise, rest and a happy get-together with the other participants was just right

for me and there is always room for individual wishes. The delicious meals according toAyurvedic guidelines are a real highlight!  I have been able to relax and recharge deeply

and am looking forward to the next retreat.



I just had to get out. Get out of everyday life. Time for myself !!!

I was spontaneous, packed my suitcase and started the journey ... Off to Rügen – heading to Zicker!

As a city kid, I was faced with a “little” culture shock, when I arrived somewhere in the middle of nowhere. What initially scared me quickly felt like a blessing.

100% deceleration! Location selection SUPER. A dream house in a wonderful environment, where everyone has enough space for themselves or in community. I was able to let go instantly and just enjoy it. Enjoyment is also the catchphrase for this week. Culinary, physically and mentally worth the trip.

Two great organisers who made a lasting impression on me. I love to look back and rave about the wonderful time. I am so incredibly grateful that I had this opportunity and took the time off. A big thank you goes to Stefanie and Angelika, I enjoyed the time to the fullest!

Clearly a recommendation from the heart!


Claudia H.
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