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Cooking should be easy and enjoyable!

This vegetarian cookbook contains 90 recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.

This means that meals can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Inspired by Ayurvedic cuisine, the spices are finely coordinated and

result in a variety of flavors.

The colorful photos for each dish whet your appetite while leafing through.

There are soups, salads, rice, noodle and lentil dishes, curries, many vegetable dishes, chutneys, dips and desserts.

Here is a small extract from the recipe:

Anker 1

How do you like the cookbook?

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Thanks very much!

Anker 2

Opinions on the cookbook

- Silke

Very delicious recipes, sensual pictures, well described recipes. I didn't know how tasty it could be cooked without garlic and onions. My favorite dessert: the apricot cream with vanilla cream. Looking forward to your next cookbook, Stefanie!

- Christina, 34

My Opinion: We love the dishes from the cookbook and have immersed ourselves in a world that is new to us and that is simply wonderful. The book has a great design, feels great and the inspiration and cooking ideas are just delicious. A personal dedication makes it a jewel in the kitchen for me.

Simply adorable...

- Tiziana, 54

Very inspiring! Only delicious recipes, the processes of preparation are very well explained, also very nicely bound, the book always stays open where you want it to be.

- Nadja, 51 and Ulrike, 55

A beautifully illustrated, appealing cookbook that makes you want to look right at it

to put at the stove.  The recipes are very easy and quick to cook, and are equally suitable for everyday use and for special occasions. The spices are balanced, with a manageable list of ingredients. 

When the wonderful smells fill the kitchen and the finished meal is on the table, you can't wait - and after dinner you want to try the next recipe right away. Also a wonderful gift!

- Tiziana, 53

Delicious recipes, beautiful pictures, as if you could smell the flavors right away.

Precise descriptions that make it very easy to cook at home.

The book was missing from the market, thank you YOGA COMPARTO!

- Silvia

A beautiful book in terms of design and binding; I was very surprised

about the binding of the book - a fabulous solution.

The recipes are simple and easy to understand. All dishes are easy to replicate. And the taste is simply delicious!

- Fine, 52

Finally a cookbook that can do without garlic ... I've always loved it

cooked but with vegetarian dishes I never really thought of anything,

that has now changed, the choice is varied and everything is easy to prepare

and super tasty!


I love my new cookbook!

- Bettina E.

This cookbook is my salvation because I like to prepare my own meals,

but have no patience for lengthy and complicated recipes. The courts

are wonderfully easy to imitate and I have a super delicious meal in front of me in max. 30 minutes. I've tried quite a few recipes and they all taste great.


Due to the diversity of the dishes, you will never get bored and there will always be

to try something new. Especially if you value a healthy diet,

but at the same time want to eat really tasty and uncomplicated, this is the perfect cookbook!


I'm excited.

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